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Your Moments, Memories, And Messy Emotions Are Invaluable And We Want To Make Sure You Have It All Frozen In Time!  

I love the outdoors! You can find me snowmobiling, snowboarding and snow shoeing in the winter near Tumbler Ridge, and hiking, traveling and videoing in the summer. (Lets be honest our summer is full time weddings lol). My winters consist of our second business of Heavy Duty Contracting and renovating our little fixer upper home. In summer I am full time shooting and filming weddings with Tyra and going camping and editing by a campfire any chance we get.
We travel the world a few times a year if work allows and I don't think that will ever change. I am also born and raised in Fort St. John.

Tyra Eklund

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Located In British columbia, canada

TRAVELING WORLD wide for love

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Braylan Eklund

I love to laugh, I will most likely cry as you walk down the aisle, and I love my puppy! Basically, I am a romantic with an avid love for adventure, whether that is traveling the world or hiking a mountain, the beauty of this earth always amazes me! Most days you will find me in my office editing and emailing clients, but we always make time to get outside and enjoy it on a lake, or mountain or by a fire. If we ever have a "day off" we will be exploring a new part of our province with our dog and cameras. If you want epic locations, we have probably found them! I am born and raised in my beautiful small home town of Fort St. John so I know the area like the back of my hand.

Fun Fact: I have learnt Videography along side Braylan and am actually the lead editor for all our wedding films! I often shoot some of the video on the day of your wedding if Braylan is busy getting shots of the groom in the morning and there is a moment needed of the bride as well! Having a photo video team allows us to interchange if needed to never miss a moment! 

How we work to serve you!

We can not wait to chat with you!!! Imagine 10 years from now, you sit down to play your wedding video and look through your wedding photos.  You will get to remember the tears, the laughter, the crazy dance moves and moving speeches.  Bringing you right back to your wedding day like it was yesterday.  We are here to freeze these moments forever, and create something perfect that reflects you two!

You want to look back to feel that day, not just remember the beautiful decor.

Your memories, messy and moving, are invaluable. 

Located in BC & Alberta

We aren't just another vendor

"TYRA!!! YOU HAVE NO IDEA..... we are both speechless, like actually speechless. The video is just so beautiful it captures the emotion, joy, and sacredness of our day so perfectly! I feel like I now get to hold onto our day for the rest of our lives now. I am SO GLAD we got the wedding video!! Thank you SO SO much, you guys! I am SO THANKFUL FOR YOU TWO! Every picture you captured we love and we have watched our video 4 in times a row already!" - Emily and Riley

If you want a power team for your wedding day Tyra and Braylan will blow your expectations right out of the water! Tyra was so accommodating booking our engagement shoot, and when we had coffee she was so invested and listening to every detail I spewed to her. The day of our wedding it was raining steady, not exactly what you want to see when you’ve dreamed of an outdoor wedding, but Tyra and Braylan took everything in stride and even made a pit stop to find clear umbrellas for us. The details and memories they captured of our day are absolutely incredible and we will cherish them forever! I’ve had so many comments about our teaser film and all our pictures being so beautiful (and by golly I definitely cannot disagree), Tyra and Braylan captured moments that make you relive them when you look at the photos and video! We are so thankful to have had Tyra and Braylan capture such special memories for us, they are worth their weight in gold


- Courtney and Matt




Where to begin! When I started thinking about what to write about Tyra and Braylan the first things that came to mind were strictly their personality and character. I mean... their work honestly speaks for itself!
Throughout the wedding day they were both by our side the whole day doing anything and everything we needed, they were a calming presence, they pinned on boutonnieres, grabbed photos of uncooperative kids, and captured memories in a way I couldn’t even fathom. I didn’t even know it was possible to look at a photo and be taken right back to a moment, but there is something in how they do what they do that is incredibly special. Even our teaser video made me feel more feels than the actual wedding day! How is that possible?!


Lauren and Austin



I want to explain how it is to feel the moments over again. To know what my heart felt the day I was married to my sweetheart. We wanted to have memories we could look back on to remind us how our beautiful day, and in our case a few days (due to the health crisis going on) were, and our photos and video brought every butterfly back. We were introduced to Tyra and Braylan Ekland when we decided to have engagement photos.    
The engagement photos were amazing and the way our love was captured is phenomenal.  
We opted to also have a video taken and we truly didn’t know how it would turn out. I’m here to say that I tear up every time I see it. The emotions are pounding in my chest every time I relive those special days. I honestly don’t think my own memories would have captured the events as well as Tyra and Braylan have in their videos and there’s still photos.    
So my advise to anyone interested, if you want the same lump in your throat, the same tear jerking moments and the same heart skip a beat memories. To have the exact same experience you had on your amazing day. I would suggest you inquire with Tyra E Photography & Film. I would go on to say the experience was very great and enjoyable experience.



Jamie + Mac

If you are on the fence about getting a video all I can say is DO IT! The day we got our gallery sent to us, all I could think while looking through all the photos is I am so grateful I got a video. Knowing every picture I looked at would come to life in a video made me so excited to watch it! The video was absolutely perfect and I could not hold back the tears! Everyone that has seen our video has told me they cried and could feel the love and happiness. I am so, so thankful for Tyra and Braylan and will continue to use them and recommend them!! From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!"



Travis & Maddie

Tyra and Braylan were absolutely amazing. They photographed our Joshua Tree 1 year anniversary photos, and I AM BLOWN AWAY! We were so comfortable around them and had a blast.  When we got the photos back I actually cried.  I've always wanted photos like this and these were more than I could have ever asked for.  They have an eye for amazing lighting, knowing how to get authentic laughter and complementary angles. 10/10 recommend hiring them!!! 



The Jennos

Tyra is an outstanding photographer! She is a wiz at flattering angles and lighting, she creates such a comfortable presence that you honestly feel like you two are lifelong friends and somehow she never fails to capture the natural beauty of any individual.  I can assure you you will not leave the shoot feeling unsatisfied with the experience or quality.  She goes above and beyond for each and every client! If something is not working for you, or if you had a vision, she will make it happen.  





My Bucket List 


CANCUN, Mexico


Maui Hawaii



Traveling is a priority in our lives, and the incredible people we have met while traveling has been life changing! Whether you are wanting to travel to the mountains or across the world, we would love to be a part of it!

If traveling is an important part of your life, I am sure you have considered a destination wedding, and may have many questions.  Destination weddings are so incredible, usually for a smaller budget, you can create the most memorable and breathtaking wedding that includes low stress, and everything you can dream of. Do you want to take a catamaran out on the ocean for your reception and be under the stars dancing the night away? Do you want to be running along the stone rooftops in Greece at sunset? Would you like to be barely lifting a finger at an all inclusive? Ask for our help on suggesting a destination that is perfect for you two!

Travel Fees: We are avid travelers and for this reason our fees are significantly less than expected.  We look for the best deals on flights, applying our discounts through travel points, our hotel for 3 nights (A scouting day or two before the wedding, and the night of the wedding,) also a vehicle rental if needed.  We do all the planning and research to find the most incredible deals on our travel (trust me we are amazing at that!) 

Do you want an incredible deal on your wedding package? If you choose to get married in one of our bucket list countries we will give you a deal you can't believe! 

Shooting weddings near, far and everywhere

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Calgary, Alberta

Kelowna, BC

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Banff, Alberta

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Every story, every moment, it’s your time to shine. Here’s what makes my heart beat the hardest. 



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