Our Photography Services 

Hey! We are Tyra and Braylan

We have been together since 2013, and have grown together to build a life we love and a business that challenges and excites us! We believe wedding photography and videography should never be taken as just a job. You need to be wildly passionate about it and committed to doing the best you can to serve your clients each and every time.  

 Your memories are meant to be preserved. We believe photos and video are a gift for our future selves, and something we need to value. We want to know your story, not just your love story, but who each of you is, as individuals as well. What brought you two together, and what made you want to spend your lives growing together? This is so much more than a wedding day, it is the start of your marriage full of new and beautiful memories.       

We believe it is the greatest honour to be asked to capture your most special day, and we will do all we can to showcase it in the most beautiful way possible.

We want to do more than just witness your day, but feel your feelings as your voice cracks as you try to make it through your vows as tears roll down your cheek. We want to capture those goosebumps you felt as you saw each other for the first time on your wedding morning. To bring those butterflies back to the surface as you watch your dad cry for the second time ever as he shares how happy he is for you two during speeches. Those moments are priceless, and you should never lose those memories. To freeze in time these once in a lifetime, surreal fleeting moments before you forget. I want your memories to carry on to your grandchildren, so they can see the love you had for each other. 

          We want you to have these moments frozen in time so that in 50 years you can watch your beautiful film and look through your weathered album and say to one another, “I still choose you, and the love we felt on that day has only grown stronger, with so much depth.” Rather than fading, these memories will remind you of the strength you have, the love you’ve chosen. We want your investment with us to be something you cherish for a lifetime. The cake will be eaten, and the flowers will wilt, but your memories will last a lifetime.

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Drunk on love, joy and happy tears

Take a moment to dream of your wedding day, the details, the family and friends, all the laughter and emotion.  You have put so much of your time and thought into this day, and I am sure a large investment to bring it all together.  Now imagine that day being photographed by friends, the images are blurry and grainy, some of your favorite moments are so unflattering.  The edits might be horrid or they just simply missed big parts of the day, or were too distracted by taking pictures to enjoy the day.

I asked you to do this little exercise, because we have done a great amount of research on what wedding couples regret most. (In an effort to help serve our clients better)  The top regret? Not hiring a professional, or not looking at enough of their portfolio or clicking with their personality properly.  Your wedding day is SO important and the person you hire to be by your side all day capturing should also be SO important!  The second regret you might ask? Not getting a Videographer.  I can attest to this one. One of the main reasons we now offer videography is because we will forever regret that we do not have a beautiful film to showcase our incredible and blurry wedding day.

At the end of the day, we want to help you find the perfect fit for your wedding day, even if that is not us!  I would love to get on the phone with you or take you for coffee and hear about your vision for your wedding day, how you two met, what you love to do in your free time etc.  The more I know you, and you get to know me, the better you will feel about it possibly being the right fit.  And if you are unsure, that is okay! We love referring our clients to more budget friendly photographers, or those with different editing styles, or those who will stay purely professional and distant vs our friendly, warm style.

I promise its worth the read!

Make sure to take advantage of all the free info we share in all the text on our website, whether you go with us or someone else, this will help you think of questions you might have and prioritize whats important to you on your wedding.

"If you want a power team for your wedding day Tyra and Braylan will blow your expectations right out of the water! Tyra was so accommodating booking our engagement shoot, and when we had coffee she was so invested and listening to every detail I spewed to her. The day of our wedding it was raining steady, not exactly what you want to see when you’ve dreamed of an outdoor wedding, but Tyra and Braylan took everything in stride and even made a pit stop to find clear umbrellas for us. The details and memories they captured of our day are absolutely incredible and we will cherish them forever! I’ve had so many comments about our teaser film and all our pictures being so beautiful (and by golly I definitely cannot disagree), Tyra and Braylan captured moments that make you relive them when you look at the photos and video! We are so thankful to have had Tyra and Braylan capture such special memories for us, they are worth their weight in gold"

- Courtney and Matt


Package Deals

+ Pre wedding catch up

Whether it’s via Skype/ Zoom, over the phone or in person, this is an important first step! I want to get to know you, and make sure I can serve you best on your wedding.

Memories of a lifetime starting from $3500
Average $4000-6000 

+ Full days coverage

From morning to night - starting at 7 hours, tailored to your schedule. Full day coverage is essential for not missing a moment and never worrying about your timeline running late.

+ High-resolution images

Perfectly sized and ready for you to print at any size. We also offer printing serves through our online gallery so it is all in one step for you!

+ Low-Resolution Images

+ Videography Add Ons

+ Online Gallery

Sized and ready for sharing across your social media channels, saving memory on your phone and show casing the sharpest images for social media.

For those wanting to capture their wedding to its fullest, we have customized three packages that include videography services for a fraction of the price booked separately. 

A protected gallery you can access, anywhere and anytime. Perfect to share with others, use to download your images or even back up your photos.



This includes it all!! If you want to make sure your day is captured in every possible way, this is the package for you! 


+ FULL day Coverage
  We will be there from start to finish. Full Day coverage is essential to truly capture every moment of the day.  From the butterflies in the morning to the wild dance moves at midnight.
+ High resolution photos
   perfect for printing any size photo you could imagine!  With our newest cameras we also have auto eye tracking for 3x the tack sharp images. 

+ 2 Photographers
    This is perfect for times the guys are getting ready far away from the girls, or you want multiple angles of the bride walking down the aisle.  Our second shooter is focused on capturing candid moments of guests, fixing any wrinkled dresses, or letting groomsmen know to hold their hand the same way as others.  Twice the photographers means twice the chance of capturing all those crazy moments.
+ Videographer
   There might only be one Videographer, however with a 2 camera set up and drone footage, you will feel like every angle is covered.  

+ Doc Edit Video
  For those who want to see it all! Our doc edits can get up to an hour long.  They include the full ceremony and speeches.  You will get every tear filled word, as well as every laughter.  This edit is a simple two camera edit with minimal retouching or editing.

+ Highlight Film 
   This is the most popular new add on.  Our highlight films are around 7 min long and we comb through the 8+ hours of footage to find the most powerful, hilarious, and emotion filled moments.  We often add your vows as well as parts of speeches throughout the film so you can sit down and feel like you are reliving your entire wedding day in under 10 min.  But trust me, you will still be crying before it gets to the end! 

+ Teaser Film
   Your highlight film will be something you cherish, however films take an enormous amount of work, so we work hard to send a teaser film to you in the first month to showcase some highlights of your wedding in a fun 1 min teaser. It is perfect for sharing with family and friends.

+ Engagement Session 
   This is our only package that includes a complimentary engagement session that includes all the photographs AND a 1 min video!  Imagine showcasing a beautiful save the date video for your wedding!  We love to use this session to get to know our couples, go for a hike, or somewhere special to the couple.

+ $800 off our fine art album
   This amazing discount allows you to design the album to the size and style of your choosing, of course with our professional advice and layouts. It is the perfect way to display your wedding photos for generations to come. 

The WHole Dang Package

This is our most popular package, custom designed to fit all the necessities and a few extra treats.  This package is perfect for those looking to relive the emotion as well as the memories from their day.  


Your Wedding Day is one of the most special days of your lives, and photography is such a necessary investment to include. However, after deeply researching the top regrets of Brides and Grooms to try to help serve our clients better, we learnt the number one regret was not investing in a Videographer!

11 Hours Coverage

Complimentary Engagement Session with All Images ($600 value)
It includes a FREE engagement shoot. This one is so vital. Your wedding day should be as relaxed and fun as possible. Doing engagement photos beforehand lets us get to know each other, getting you two used to be in front of the camera and will get us all so excited for all the memories to be made at your Wedding.

Videography: Your Videography package will include film coverage throughout the day, including the vows and speeches, to help complete your film. You will have two cameras covering your ceremony, recorders and the option of drone footage as well.

You will receive a: teaser film that will showcase all the beautiful moments of your day in a short clip, perfect for social media. This teaser film will be delivered shortly after your Wedding day so you can share it with guests who could not make it.

You will also receive a: highlight film covering your whole day. This will include moments throughout the day and adding your heartfelt emotional vows and possibly some hilarious or emotion-filled special speeches into the film. This film will take 10-12 weeks to build and design and be the perfect keepsake to remember the laughter, and tears, and family members who were there.

11 Hours Photography: From capturing you getting your dress on to dancing the night away with your friends, I will be there to capture every memory! We focus on prompt-based posing. In your formal photos, we will share directions of what to do, like walking away and having hubby look at you and you look at us as you walk, or chest to chest and sketching hearts on each other's cheeks with your nose etc. This encourages natural moments, real laughter and smiles and joyful movement. We will pose you down to prompting you to bring your chin up or shoulders back at the more romantic poses to make sure your photos are flattering. You should feel and look your best on your wedding day and we are here to help with that.

Online Gallery of All Edited Images: These images will all be delivered in high resolution via an online gallery. We love this method as it allows you to share it easily with any family or friends who are wanting to see photos, as well as options for you to view the photos anywhere you are. These images can all be downloaded to your computer as well.

Online Gallery to download all High resolution Photos

Photography and Then Some

If Photography is all you are looking for, this package has a little surprise! 


+ 9 Hours Coverage
  With our husband wife team, you will have a photographer and videographer (educated in both) capturing your full day! Focused on capturing mainly photos.  We will be there from start to finish. Full Day coverage is essential to truly capture every moment of the day. From the butterflies in the morning to the wild dance moves at midnight.

+ High resolution photos
   perfect for printing any size photo you could imagine! With our newest cameras we also have auto eye tracking for 3x the tack sharp images.

+ Teaser Film

   Our highlight film are something you cherish, however films take an enormous amount of work, so we work hard to send a teaser film to you in the first month to showcase some highlights of your wedding in a fun 1 min teaser. It is perfect for sharing with family and friends.

+ Engagement Session

   This is a complementary engagement session that includes all the photographs! (Values at $550)
 We love to use this session to get to know our couples, go for a hike, or somewhere special to the couple.

+ Online Gallery

   Our online galleries are the perfect way to share all or some of the photos with your friends and family. Easy to access on any phone or computer and downloadable and archivable! . 

wedding Photography

Customize a Photo Only Wedding Package


+ 8 Hours coverage
   I’ll be there for all the essentials

+ High resolution photos
   perfect for print

+ Low resolution images
    perfect for sharing on social media

+ Online slide show & gallery
   to share with family and friends, download to your computer or archive and back up!

+ Engagement Session
   This is my time to get to know you guys!  We can plan an epic location or somewhere dear to your hearts.  During this time I will teach you ways to pose and fall into each other naturally that will allow for flattering and raw moments.  Its the perfect way to get to know me and my camera before your wedding day!

+ All photos (Up to 1000 images)
 All your images are viewed via online gallery with options to change and tweak a few if needed.  I work hard to make sure each image is the best it can be.

+ $300 per additional Hour
   If your dance won't be till later or you really want the dress being done up by your mom, we can add additional hours to your package.


Associate Photographer

This is PERFECT for those dates we might be out of town and already booked!  Work with our associate we have trained, mentored and spent half a year molding into another one of the team! She has captured several of our weddings for us already and her style replicates our own.  Get all the similar poses and energy, and ALL images will than be edited and delivered by me!

+ Can Cover any of our packages
   We will photograph your engagement photos together and she will blow you away with incredible photos on your wedding day!

+ High resolution photos
  This is not your cousins point and shoot!  Our cameras hold the memory and sharpness to blow up any photo into a mural or massive print.  Please contact us to print large as we can recommend professional printing labs for your professional photographs.

+ Low resolution images
    perfect for sharing on social media, takes up a fraction of the space on your phone, and actually loads clearer on social media!
+ Online slide show & gallery
   to share with family and friends, and download and back up all your images. 

+ Corresponding Directly with Me!
   I will still be there with you every step of the way.  All phone calls and emails will be coming to me, we will plan out your perfect day and than my associate and I will sit down and organize everything she needs to do for your wedding day.  

+ Discounted Packages!!!
Because Braylan and I will not be present on your actual wedding day, hiring our associate is the best of all worlds!  You will receive the same style and exact same edits, your posing and timeline will be the same as I would do.  You get all the benefits of me being there, with the added benefit of $500s off!!! 


1 Hour Photoshoot

This is perfect for those wanting anniversary photos, couple photos or even Family Photos

+ 1 hour coverage
   I will be there not missing a beat, you will be shocked how much I can capture in an hour!

+ High resolution photos sold separately 
   This is the perfect way to ensure my prices are fair and versatile, whether you are just wanting a few to change a profile picture and print a few for your home, or you are wanting all 100 images to share and cherish, there are packages options for all of it.
+ Online slide show & gallery
   The gallery is yours to keep and you can even go back and purchase additional photos or prints at a later time!

+ Travel Fees will be added if necessary and canceled if it is a location we will already be going.

    We won't just be a stranger following you around.  We believe your day should be amazing from start to finish and we are there to help with that!  From getting to truly know each other ahead of time, to dancing on the dance floor.

On your wedding day

     We arrive early to capture all the butterflies and details and stay late into the night.  One thing I have always believed is Full Day Coverage means you should never stress about squeezing in a first dance before the photographer leaves.  We will be there for it all. 

    My clients have told me before, I am so much more than a photographer, often I will be the one doing up the brides dress, helping her put in earrings and fixing the glue on her eyelashes (thanks to fake nails). I often am keeping the annoying relatives from overwhelming the couple with iPhone photos and helping move along the timeline or slow things down according to my couples requests.  I am there to make your day the best it can be. 



     Throughout your day, I’ll be weaving in and out to make sure I catch every precious moment, including moments that went unseen. That quick kiss at the dinner table or tucking that loose strand of hair behind your ear. Even those hilarious moments you might miss on the dance floor of the guests.  All the moments that make your heart flutter.



Drunk on love, joy and happy tears

Wedding Videos were a common addition to our parents weddings, however our videography is not an uncle in the back on a tripod.  We want to highlight all the laughter and tears, photography is essential, but we argue videography might be even more worth considering! Imagine hearing your vows from your spouses mouth, that maid of honor speech that left you in tears, all over again year after year.  

Wedding Videography

Your Wedding Day is Worth Capturing Entirely 

"I can't recommend Tyra and Braylan enough! If you are looking to be even more emotional watching your wedding video than you were even on your actual wedding day, they are the ones to do it! I feel like I can relive each moment every time I watch my wedding video." - Lauren and Austin

Our wedding videos are customized completely to each couple. We talk with you and have specific questions to get to know your style, personality and vision for the day.  Maybe you want something up beat, wild and full of laughter, or maybe you want soft sweet music, tons of emotion and all the romance.  Your wedding will represent you.

Wedding Films

From Highlight to Teaser Films

"If you are on the fence about getting a video all I can say is DO IT! The day we got our gallery sent to us, all I could think while looking through all the photos is I am so grateful I got a video. Knowing every picture I looked at would come to life in a video made me so excited to watch it! The video was absolutely perfect and I could not hold back the tears! Everyone that has seen our video has told me they cried and could feel the love and happiness. I am so, so thankful for Tyra and Braylan and will continue to use them and recommend them!! From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!"

We have photographed in every possible condition.  Whether it is harsh sun, or fogged over.  Rain or snow, we have been in it all and know how to create art in every condition.  

My editing style is warm, romantic and emotional.  I believe in embracing the messy to capture authentic laughter, the wind swept hair and all. Studies show people associate warmer photos with love and happiness, and that played a huge role in my editing style.  If you are by a gorgeous blue lake or red cliffs, those colours will shine through, I choose authentic colouring with warm undertones. 

Photo editing

your SOUL





Your photos will wow everyone!

So you have planned out your wedding day, found your dream photographer to document it all, now what?  Something I have learned over time is no one prints their photos.  Not because they don't want to, but because they forget or put it off for the right moment.

Our Fine Art Wedding Albums are such a perfect way to ensure your memories are documented, printed on the most beautiful flat lay paper and perfect to have in your living room to pull out for guests to flip through for years to come!  There is just something so amazing about being able to truly touch the photos and not just have them on a computer.

Wedding Albums


Fine art albums, handcrafted memories


Your wedding video will be custom made to reflect you two and your personalities. Filled with all the important impactful moments of the day!

Highlight Films

All the highlights from your day

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Other Services

ALL our wedding packages include a complementary engagement session.  We find this essential for getting to know our couples, and more importantly, get our couples used to being in front of a camera.  We take our time, play music, hang out and learn about each other, that way on your wedding day its like you just have new friends to spend the day with you.  We will already know what styles you loved from your engagement shoot to ensure posing, prompts and style that is perfect for you two!  

Your journey’s just begun

Couple / engagment shoot

Not your average Family photographer, and not our common booking.  We mainly only book past couple clients for family photos as we stay very busy otherwise.  
If you do book us for family photos we believe in authentic emotion.  We will do more directing and prompting to help make each "pose" natural and beautiful.  Eg.  Get the kids to tickle their parents, play tag in a small box I draw in the sand, or give the biggest group bear hug etc. 
This allows me to get genuine laughter and movement out of the kids with minimal whining, complaining and forced smile.

Your journey’s just begun

Family shoot

UM THIS IS MY FAVOURITE!!!  We had a 400 person wedding, it was beautiful, however it truly showed me the power and beauty Elopements hold.  This is when a couple wants to do something unique, just for them, or with a few family and friends.  Maybe hop on a plane to Greece and share your vows at sunset.  Or hike/ helicopter to a mountain peak for a ceremony at sunrise.  The options are endless!  We have had the opportunity to help design and plan out many of our couples elopements and would be honored to help you! 

Elopment photography

An intimate celebration

Ladies only!  So I designed my first studio 2 years ago.  I wanted a private space where I could have boudoir sessions.  I wanted a place where women of every size, colour, age (19+)  and comfort level were welcome.  I've photographed women in their 60s, women with new weight gain they are learning to love, women wanting to feel confident for their husband. women wanting to do something solely for themselves, and ALL of these women were incredible!!!! Truly the most incredible experiences working along each lady, working through their nerves and insecurities and watching them leave with new love and confidence for themselves.  It's truly an experience I believe every woman should have!

Boudoir photography

An Empowering Experience

Learn More

No story is one and the same. Yours will be finessed to share your unique journey.