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I have been in love with photography since I was a teenager, however I fell in love with capturing love at the age of 20. I am born and raised in a small town called Fort St. John BC and love the community. I spent a year and a half studying, practising and shooting constantly. I invested into mentorships with photographers around the world and officially went full time in Nov of 2018, traveling to Palm Springs for the first of many workshops.  I believe people will not invest in someone unless they invest in themselves.  So for 5 years I've traveled the world learning from the best, finding how I can serve my clients best, be more creative, and work more efficiently. We invested in the best gear and equipment to truly deliver professional quality every time. 

Braylan Joined me in the summer of 2019 after we both did 4 months of videography workshops, and a mentorship to film beside me.  He is now full time with me in summer as we capture love. We both have such a passion for telling the story of love and have loved becoming experts on all things video!  We have now traveled and learned from 30 different industry leaders together, learning how to work seamlessly together and also grow our own creative styles that complement each other so well!  He is our main videographer and I am the main editor for our wedding films!

Fun fact: We can't travel anywhere without Braylan taking a camera to capture epic B-roll and gorgeous shots.  I never imagined him having such a passion for this, but am continuously blown away with his talent and passion for videography. 

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"You guys truly are the dream team! We are so excited for you to capture our wedding!" -S&B


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Husband, Wife


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Our Associate Shooter

Meet Trinity!
She is our associate shooter, you will often find her second shooting with us, or shooting weddings on her own if we are already booked and or out of town.  She has been mentoring with us for a year, and training to learn to shoot just like me since August of 2020.  We believe it is essential to be ready for everything and having a third team member helps us guarantee our availability. 
Trinity lives on a farm with her husband and has a goal of joining us full time in the summer so she can focus more on her family and passions.  So if you are wanting us for your wedding, reach out and we will let you know about our associate packages as well!  Trinity lives in Cecil Lake and comes to Fort St. John daily.

Learn about my Philosophy and what inspired me to become a photographer 

Disney Movies still Make me Cry- Tyra
You're Never To Old To Have Fun- Braylan

Tyra: I am an adventure enthusiast, give me a month and I will travel all of Europe, meet the locals, hike the mountains, captured love and cry watching the old couple dancing at sunset.  I believe in living life to the fullest, doing all I can and capturing it all, because memory is fleeting but photos and videos will always bring us back.  My dream is to raise a family homeschooled, teaching them about Gods love, and the culture and lifestyle of different countries as we travel the world capturing weddings. 

Braylan:  I want to work to live, and never live to work.  You will find me spending my free time sledding a mountain, traveling the world, renovating something in our home or researching our next business adventure we should take.  I don't like to sit still and I've passed that on to Tyra.  My dream is to do what we love without financial worry. Family is important to me so I would love to travel on and off throughout the year, capturing the most incredible destination weddings and seeing the world.  Going home to still having game nights that go well into the next day with my siblings, is another main priority. 

We both have a passion for adventure, travel and a firm belief that with God anything is possible.

That’s a little sneak peek into our life and a few of our favourite things. No matter who and where we are, we’re all souls wandering this beautiful earth, with a different story to share. No tale is one and the same. And that’s why I LOVE documenting love stories (and hopefully yours too!) We can't imagine this passion of ours ever going away.

"There are few things that inspire and excite me more than photography!"

I am a romantic through and through, and Love I truly believe is one of the most powerful things in the world.  Not puppy love, or lustful love, but Agape Love.  Selfless and endless, loving others, giving of your time and gifts to improve others lives.

I believe this transfers so seamlessly into photography as we want to serve our clients, create the best work we can, work effectively and truly care about showing your personality and day through our work.

“Every wedding, every shoot, I see the world through a whole new lens. Your story will be different from the last, and this ignites my passion all over again.”

I'm always so blown away at the love and detail to each wedding.  Wether it is the uncles emotional speach, the mothers pre recorded song for the first dance, or the way the couple looks at each other for the first time, we are constantly amazed at the powerful story we can share at each wedding.

As you may have seen, we love adventure and often find ourselves hiking mountains with our couples and growing so close.  On your wedding day we love to capture those little details that stand apart and showcase your personalities. 

Whatever your style, we are there to capture the feeling, emotion and memories that come with the day! 

Rain, hail or shine, we won’t miss a beat

We spend the night before the wedding formating all our SD cards, charging batteries for lights, gimbals, cameras etc. We clean our lenses and organize what will be used for video and photos.  We go over saved wedding videos that bring us inspiration for how you described your wedding, we go through the shoot list we would of sent you and the family list.  This is our time to iron out our schedule and chat on how we can work side by side to capture each moment together without getting in the way.

For example, we like to arrive and capture establishing shots of the sun rising on the venue, the bridesmaids dancing as they wait on hair and makeup and the guys having a drink and laughing about all the times they have had together.  We will capture the moments you might even miss on your day.

Our most popular package is full day coverage, which we always suggest. This stops you from stressing about your timeline, if the food is late its not a big deal, if the ceremony runs late, thats beautiful.  We will be there for it all and will capture you dancing the night away.

Having a husband wife team is valuable in so many ways, Braylan often will capture moments of the guys I never could, getting their carefree, natural smiles and goofy attitude.  We often will split up during family photos so he can capture details of all the decor, and if I ever need a hand he knows exactly what to do, and vise versa.  We've worked as photographers with other videographer or as videographers with other photographers and it has just confirmed how vital a team is vs. two different companies for seamless and effective work.

Aug, 2020

“Braylan and Tyra are amazing! Their souls are as beautiful as their photos and videos. We have gained friends in the process of hiring them for our wedding.
And OMG THAT WEDDING VIDDDDDD we love it!!!! It is so amazing ”

Amanda & Eric

July, 2020

Lauren & Austin

"We have nothing but amazing things to say about Tyra and Braylan and the work that they do. It all started with a call with Tyra in January, we talked for like 2 to 3 hours about anything and everything, I felt like we were instant friends.
After our wedding I didn’t even know it was possible to look at a photo and be taken right back to a moment, but there is something in how they do what they do that is incredibly special. Even our teaser video made me feel more feels than the actual wedding day! 

Watching Tyra and Braylan do their job is amazing. They work so well together and truly are a match made in heaven, and we were so lucky to have that match spend our day with us. We wouldn’t have had it any other way!"

September, 2020

Jamie & Mac

"I want to explain how it is to feel the moments over again. To know what my heart felt the day I was married to my sweetheart. We wanted to have memories we could look back on to remind us how our beautiful day, and in our case a few days (due to the health crisis going on). We were introduced to Tyra and Braylan Ekland when we decided to have engagement photos.    
The engagement photos were amazing and the way our love was captured is phenomenal.  
We opted to also have a video taken and we truly didn’t know how it would turn out. I’m here to say that I tear up everytime I see it. The emotions are pounding in my chest every time I relive those special days. I honestly don’t think my own memories would have captured the events as well as Tyra and Braydan have in their videos and there’s still photos.    
So my advice to anyone interested, if you want the same lump in your throat, the same tear jerking moments and the same heart skip a beat memories. To have the exact same experience you had on your amazing day. I would suggest you inquire with Tyra E Photography & Film. I would go on to say the experience was very great and enjoyable experience."

Arpil, 2019


“I couldn’t believe how much fun our photoshoot would be! I can’t even explain how excited we are to have you both a part of the best day of our lives. You both have souls as gorgeous as your photos.”


We don't want to be another vendor.  A huge part of our vision is to go above and beyond, help do your dress up, sharing our excitement and encouragement and dancing the night away.







Sept 2018

Banff, Alberta, Canada

Nov, 2018

Palm Springs

March 2019


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No story is one and the same. Yours will be finessed to share your unique journey.