November 30, 2018

showit admin

Bree and Brock, Couple Session

This year I had the pleasure of traveling to California twice. During this last trip I went to a Photography workshop focusing on Elopements and Intimate weddings as well as emotion filled couple sessions. It was amazing to work along side some internationally known, talented photographers! During the workshop I met Bree and Brock, they had gotten married just a few months earlier and their energy and love was beautiful. Between hiking up rocks and playing in the sand, these two killed their Couple Session!

Every couple is different and will feel more or less comfortable in front of my camera. Because of this I start each session a little different, maybe we start off just drinking coffee and chatting about how you two met and then go for a walk, I will start father away from you two and get you to just have some fun goofing around. Lets play cowboy, your the bull and she is the cowboy, give her a piggy back and try to buck her off! Or maybe I’ll set you up to sit really adorable and then get the guy to kiss 5 different parts of her that aren’t her lips! We start off basically playing games and laughing and before you know it each picture is a genuine smile and your entire couple session is full of real memories and laughter and you can walk away feeling confident that your wedding day has one less stress.