December 11, 2018

showit admin

My trip to California

Education and resources have become something you can reach at your finger tips. I have been able to build my education and understanding through many different online workshops, courses and classes as well as invest in monitorships from professional photographers known internationally. It is incredible how easy it is to find resources to continuously learn more and grow in your career path, however like any job, book smarts only go so far. Since I started my education I have also been out, every single day, shooting and practising and growing. It has been amazing how much you can grow when you combine resources and practise. This time I wanted to combine the two and do something new. So I decided to invest in an in person workshop, learning face to face from professional well known photographers and peers as well. I was able to then practise with the portfolio building part of the workshop, getting to capture Wedding Photos and Engagement Photos and all the stunning detail shots. We focused on the importance of emotion and movement, the importance of capturing the details that down the road your bride and groom will be so grateful for. Make sure to check out my other blog posts to see some of the images from it! For now, here is the relaxing part of my trip, getting to explore in California, Palm Springs with my husband!

We were able to hang out by the pool, hike in the desert and up in the mountains as well as spend our evenings down town for some amazing food and drinks!