November 29, 2018

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Personal Branding

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We live in an age where a business succeeds through online advertisements and engagement. This could mean adds or it could mean an updated Facebook business account or instagram account. This can feel overwhelming and sometimes confusing for people, which results in them losing out on an entirely new generation of business. I have partnered with a Social Media Strategist based out of Kamloops BC. to help you up your social media business, help you post consistent, professional images that will bring new clients, and help you to construct captions and a brand that will peak potential clients interest and put you in the front of their mind.

Social media is a FREE way to advertise your brand and business and if done right, can be your most profitable means of selling. Here are a few recent sessions I have done. This images are Personal Branding headshots, they are not your regular sit and smile, boring head shot. I encourage you to get pictures of you in your eliminate of business to show your clients who you are and that you live what you sell.

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Your session with me would include outfit changes, location changes, head shots, action shots, and of course product shots of your products you sell. Then you would have your meeting with the Social Media Strategist who would go over when to post, how to build engagement, when to sell and when to offer free thank you’s. You would go through your business goals and your brand, who you are and what you stand for. This would all help you use your new branded images to create a cohesive, consistent feed that would flow and invite new paying customers!