November 14, 2018

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Taking a step back.


No matter how much you love your job, working too hard will burn you out. I love my job and all that it has done and how I can bring joy to people through it. That doesn’t mean I don’t get burnt out. When I got this email it gave me the amazing idea to take a whole week “off work” to create. I was asked by a student at NAIT University in Edmonton if she could do her practicum for photography with me. They needed to shadow a photographer, see how they work and get inspired. I was honoured to be asked and so excited to teach! So I planned a week of creativity and styled shoots to push my creativity and photography. All sessions where taken place in Fort St. John and Charlie Lake.


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I love photography and am photographing Family Sessions, Couple Sessions and Boudoir Sessions on a weekly bases and would have it no other way. However like any job, you can get burnt out, I never want my “job” to become my job so I am making a promise to myself that any time it feels more like work then a passion that I step back. I want to conduct my business with energy and excitement, helping each of my clients and going above and beyond. That can’t happen if I feel burnt out. So from now on I plan to try to shoot creatively for me at least once a year, pushing my comfort zone, challenging my skills and inspiring my mind. I believe it will help me to constantly be growing and offering more to my clients! So what would you suggest I do for my next creative shoot?

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