March 19, 2020

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5 Things your Photographer wished you did.

Five Things A Wedding Photographer Wished You Knew.  Wedding Planning advice from a photographers perspective.

Our job as wedding photographers is to capture every beautiful, real and emotional moment of your wedding. Often communication can be lacking in the weeks leading up to your wedding and it can be easy to forget to stay in contact with your photographer

We specialize in evoking true emotion, passion and laughter out of you to capture true love, true moments and true joy.

First thing to do for your photographer is, send them a list of all the unique special moments or décor that mean something to you that might not be a common part of the wedding. I recommend keeping a notes page open anytime through out planning and decorating to add any special décor and ideas you have. This way the photographer will know ahead of time what you all want to capture. It allows you to be stress free on your wedding day, knowing your photographer knows exactly what you want documents, and it allows your photographer time before the wedding to plan out the best way of capturing it all throughout the day. We don’t know you personally, but we want to make sure we capture every personal moment you dream to have documented.

We specialize in evoking true emotion, passion and laughter out of you to capture true love, true moments and true joy.

Secondly, plan detail shots ahead of time. So now your photographer knows what is important to you on the wedding day, but how about on the morning of? It is easy to forget to have your invitation set available, your wedding and engagement rings set aside, or any family heirlooms. If you remember the day before your wedding, you can leave all these things in a box, ready for the photographer to take from when she first arrives the morning of the wedding. Than she will not be bugging you to find details, and your photographer can get right to work, allowing more time for different photos. I love doing it this way so that I can quickly get all the detail shots done, and can leave room for getting ready photos with the bride and her brides maids as well as the groom and his groomsmen.

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Designate a family organizer. Everyone wants family photos, however the stranger who has never met any of your family is the least ideal candid for gathering family for the photos. If you can ask a family memember a few weeks before, send them a list of all the group shots you need, and ask them to corral them all together, your family photos will go quickly and smoothly. Of course your photographer is there to pose and move people around, but being organized ahead of time will allow you more time for photos of you and your new spouse. I always love having the help of family during this time, as it is most frequently the most stressful part of the day for the couple. Why would we want to leag it on any longer than needed, with a little help it can turn into a quick and easy 15-20min.

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Fourthly, seat your photographer somewhere with a good view of the head table. This isn’t us wanting a “good seat” or wanting to feel included. We are human, and must rest our feet and eat at some point throughout the wonderful day. When you can put the photographer closer to the action, that means even during their short break, they are able to keep their camera ready for any picture worthy moment from the comfort of their chair. Trust me, it is worth having them near by. I have often been placed even with family if seating works out, which has been amazing. I get to learn even more about my couple right from their family, I have a front row seat to capturing them and you guys, and am completely out of the way so everyone can see each time you get to stand and kiss.

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Last and not at all least, don’t be afraid to be yourself! If you two love to dance and laugh and have a fun time, we can crank out the music during photos and make it a celebration. If you two feel shy showing affection around people, let me or your photographer know so we can plan out private beautiful locations for photos and we will throw on a zoom lens and back ourselves up and give you space. We are here to help you two have the best day. That means asking Uncle Bob to sit down during the wedding ceremony, or telling Suzan that is enough iPhone photos of the couple while they are trying to eat. You let us know what you need us to do and we will lay in a freakin puddle so your shoes don’t get dirty. We got you. We are here for you. Let us help your day go by perfectly.

I hope these little tips have been educational, it is easy to tick the photographer off your to do list and not give it another thought. Putting 10 extra minutes into planning these little things out, can be a game changing way of utilizing every moment with the photographer.