February 3, 2021

Tyra Eklund

Fort St John Wedding Venues

Our beautiful growing town leaves for some imagination when it comes to the perfect wedding venue. I will give you a list of the following buildings and outdoor locations I have shot at before.


  • The Taylor Hall
These photos were taken on a phone in 2016 actually at our own wedding. We had over 400 guests and the Taylor Hall was the only venue with enough space. However, I would consider it the worst for looks. They have old yellow walls, and floors, tall but empty ugly ceiling and just truly unflattering colours. We spent 3 days prior to the wedding, hanging fabric from the ceiling and creating our own DIY Chandelier out of Christmas lights and wagon wheels. We rented from Rustle https://systemssoundsource.com/, to have lights on the walls to distract from the colours and a sheer white backdrop for the head table so our photographs would look clean and professional without the yellow walls. http://www.districtoftaylor.com/district-office/contact/facility-contact-information/ Their website and booking can be slow and confusing but this is how you would contact them.
  • The Pomeroy Hotel & Convention Center
We have photographed the Fort St. John Hospital Gala since 2018. I must admit their set up is the best to showcase the Pomeroys space for Receptions. https://www.pomeroyhotel.com/stjohn/meetings-events
  • Evangel Church
  • Charlie Lake Church

Here is the rental info https://charlielakechurch.com/rental/

  • Charlie Lake Hall


  • Peace Island Park Pavilion
  • Beatton Provincial Park

Beatton Park is a Provincial Campground in Charlie Lake, they have a large gazebo available however I have only used the location for Wedding Portraits and Bridal Party Lunches. https://bcparks.ca/explore/parkpgs/beatton/

  • Klassens Property
  • Farm

  • Backyard

  • Golf Course or Campground

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