May 17, 2021

Tyra Eklund

How To Dress For A Photoshoot

Let’s give you a break down on the do’s and don’ts of photoshoot outfits!

  1. Do not wear bright neon colours or heavy patterns.  This is very distracting and will take away from the emotion, the story and the overall image.  I will go as far as to say, ditch the plaid.  If you can find a solid colour button up this can look so incredible!  I know that plaid every man’s go-to dress shirt, but it is a lot more work to find a complementary outfit for the girl with plaid vs solid colour.  You are investing in professional photos, and I want you guys to get the full value of them.  This is not the time to wear your everyday outfits.  Ladies, I also ask you to stay away from patterns in your dresses or tops, patterns can quickly go out of style and solid colour will ensure timeless gorgeous photos! 
These neutral tones compliment each other perfectly and they added a splash of contrast and depth adding the button-up and hat.

2. Neutral Colours are your friend.  This doesn’t mean black, and white.  Take a minute to look up earth tone colour pallet on google and you will find about 5 colours that are complementary to each other, it can be in soft greens and tans, or beiges and oranges etc.  I recommend finding one of the neutral colour palettes you like most and planning your outfits according to that. 

My favourite colours are earth tones, such as, tan, beige, dusty rose, burnt orange, with tones of white or black or brown, however if you have a favourite colour pallet or solid coloured outfits you already love, here is an example of a couple wearing contradicting colours and it still photographing beautifully.

3. Coordinate, don’t match.  This is a common mistake, but one that I would recommend staying far away from!  If you guys wear matching white T-shirts and jeans your photos will go from professionally curated images to a cheapened value. If you love beige, have him wear beige pants and you can have a tan top.  Or if you are wearing black jeans he could wear a black jean jacket.  This will bring your outfits together without having them clash. 

Finding similar shades to fit together makes for the perfect blend that photographs gorgeously.

4. Layers.  This is one you may not think of, but is something worth considering.  Depending on the weather, a cute jacket or cardigan can add a whole new look while keeping you warm.  Make sure to match your layers to the colour pallet though!

5. Flattering outfits.  This one is very different for everybody type. I will work to capture your beauty in any style and show you how you two look amazing as you are!  However, an outfit that makes you feel good, will add that beautiful confidence right from the start of your session.  Here are some suggestions, dresses can be incredible, if you want a loose flowy dress, you can synch in your waist with a belt to still show off your shape without being self-conscious of skin-tight clothes.  Sleeves are another game changer, I know arms can sometimes be an insecurity and I am loving the new style of blouses and dresses.  They have very baggy and flowy half sleeves to hide the widest part of your arm while still showing off those beautiful forearms lol. Another option is a cute shall or cardigan to add some movement to your outfit while hiding your arms a little.  Honestly, every body type is so different and so beautiful and at the end of the day it is about your comfort, and I know that any style of outfit will look incredible on you!! Feel free to text me some of your outfits if you need any outside suggestions as well 🙂

6. Shoes.  We can not forget about shoes! The ladies almost always come with a few beautiful options of booties or heals etc. But ladies, remember we might be hiking or on rough ground, so wear shoes you can move in.  Men, you can not wear your work boots or running shoes.  This will cheapen your entire outfit and will 100% district from your beautifully curated outfit.  Brown and black are always safe colours for shoes if you are unsure.

7. Dressing up.  I want you guys to feel completely comfortable in the outfits you choose, there are very flattering, stylish outfit options on the casual all the way up to the very classy side.  It is worth going out to get a new outfit though, if your closet is made up of graphic tees and old jeans 😉 

8. Movement is key! Those long gorgeous dresses will truly elevate your images to the next level!  This helps draw the eye in towards you two.

9. Props- Let’s make this a date!  We can plan out a gorgeous picnic with a charcuterie board and blankets and flowers, or kayaking on the lake, or a star-gazing set up in the box of your truck! Let’s make your engagement session special to you two and add a new element that is special to you!

10. Pinterest is your friend!! I have left my Pinterest board link here for you to look through, check out couples outfits that range in style and colour, but I know will truly suit the style of edit and flattering look for any couple.

Outfit stores I recommend  (There is sometimes customs with this store) (Amazing options for Men, Women and Children here!)

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