February 4, 2023

Tyra Eklund

Coffee Date in Paris, but make it your home town.

I often find myself scrolling through my Instagram feed and Pinterest seeing these nostalgic, timeless moments that have been frozen in time. The couple is captured so authentically as they share a glance across the table as they sip their coffee or read their book. The moments as they brush fingers as they walk along the city street. Any time I see these gorgeous photographs I picture an old romance novel or film that takes place in Paris. I think it’s just the romantic in me.

So when I chatted with Chris and Katie about capturing their photos in a way that felt authentic, real, and yet classic and nostalgic they loved the idea! So we brought their cute wooden patio set from Ikea down onto the main street of Fort St John on a very cold winter day, and they had a little date as they read their books and smiled at each other. And just like that I was able to capture photos that I dare say, are what people will want to save to Pinterest of a European Engagement Photoshoot!

Would you ever choose to do an activity like a coffee date, game night at home, or drinks at the bar for an engagement session for a photoshoot to simply capture core memories?

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