July 10, 2019

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Shae and Seth, Rocky Mountain Elopement

Love is a crazy thing. We live in a time where it is unheard of to meet outside of the internet, and that can be okay!

Shae and Seth’s story is a little different.

Shae grew up in Northern Canada, living her life and hungering for God, when she decided to go down to a conference in Florida. There were thousands and thousands of people, but right when everyone was leaving the man in front of her turned around and said “I suddenly felt the need to turn and God told me to speak to the women behind me.” Well the rest is history 😉

These two instantly felt a connection and started communicating long-distance as Shae was from Canada and Seth was from Georgia in the States. Soon after their long-distance relationship commenced, Seth traveled up to Canada to see Shae and visit Banff and Jasper National Park. They took a walk down along the Athebaska river and he got down on one knee. My favourite part to this whole story is as they are sharing it with us you can see them both get giggly. Because right after he proposed and she excitedly said YES, a mother grizzly with her cubs came around the corner! Well Seth’s instinct was to run. Shae advised he didn’t unless he wanted to be eaten. Thankfully all went over well and they got out of there. Still they decided to hike up a mountain with us even with warnings of Grizzly Bears!

Thank you Seth and Shae for quickly becoming so much more then clients on our hike up. I truly believe memories like this are meant to be an experience, and an adventure, not simply posed photos, and we sure made it an adventure!

Make sure to scroll through all of these Mountain Top Elopement Styled Shoot! Whether it is the blue lakes in Banff Alberta, the Mountain peaks in Jasper or a secluded Mountain in the Rockie Mountains, we can’t wait to go hike with you!

All of these photos were taken in Tumbler Ridge BC, the hike was about 3 hours to the lake and the wind made it magical! We are starting to book more and more adventure sessions and elopements. If you want to get married on top of a mountain top or along the ocean side, we love to capture the intimate beautiful weddings.

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